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Our Story

Bridging Impact is committed to passing wisdom to coaches and parents to transform our athletes in leaders on and off the court.

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Out With the Old: The Current State of Youth Sports


Over the past decade, a pattern has emerged, revealing a disheartening reality that parents can no longer afford to ignore.


Our athletes are being shortchanged by basketball trainers, AAU organizations, and youth sports businesses that have lost sight of the bigger picture. They've become fixated on molding basketball players while neglecting the holistic growth that paves the way for success both on and off the court.

In the fall of 2022, Coach Furtado witnessed something that baffled him. A basketball"trainer" sat on the bench, barking orders at a group of young athletes, with no fundamental teaching or mentoring involved. It was a wake-up call.


Are parents truly investing in this?

In With the New: Join the Bridging Impact Revolution


Our coaching philosophy is not just a philosophy; it's a catalyst for transformation.


Our mission transcends the boundaries of the game itself, because we recognize that every athlete's journey extends beyond the court. As Coach Furtado says, "No one plays sports their entire life; even Michael Jordan's career found its sunset."

At Bridging Impact, we're not just shaping athletes but developing exceptional leaders on and off the court.


Our commitment is unwavering: to equip young people with the skills, values, and mindset needed to excel in every facet of life. It's a commitment to crafting legacies that extend far beyond the final buzzer


Today, we extend a heartfelt invitation to all coaches and parents who share our vision. It's an invitation to be part of a transformative movement to impact players beyond sports.


Join us, as we work together to impact the future leaders of tomorrow through sport.

Meet the Founder Coach Furtado

Expert at coaching & inspiring youth: Coach Furtado’s life mission is to be a best-in-class youth sports coach who impacts the next generation of leaders by passing wisdom along to coaches, parents, & athletes. Coach Furtado has been impacting youth for over 5 years now with Boys & Girls Clubs, local recreation teams, & youth sports organizations. Coach Furtado currently coaches for Venice HS Boys Basketball Frosh/Soph & Varsity Assistant. Coach Furtado trained basketball coaches for Royal Basketball School in Los Angeles to transform athletes into great athletes but even greater people. Coach Furtado had the opportunity to work with PeacePlayer, a global movement for peace & equity by sport, transforming the lives of youth in communities affected by conflict and inequity. Coach Furtado is a voracious learner and continually strives to be a more impactful coach. He has interviewed a few of the most respected youth sports coaches & sports psychologists in the US like: ●Coach Don Showalter (USA Basketball) ●Lee Taft (LeeTaftSpeed) ●VJ Stanley (Balanced Excellence) ●Dr. Amber Selking (Selking Performance) ●Chris Oliver (Basketball Immersion) Coach Furtado is: ●Certified from Positive Coaching Alliance as Double-Goal Coach - Winning in Sport & Life ●Certified with the Fundamentals of Coaching - NFHS ●Certified as a Youth Exercise Specialist - NASM ●Certified with CPR & First Aid

Meet Coach Cullen


Cullen Donovan an American basketball coach who has extensive international coaching experience.

He has coached at numerous basketball camps in the USA, National League in Ireland, Basketball Ireland, and Top Flight Basketball Academy in Thailand.

He has also worked with Capitol Basketball representative teams in New Zealand. He was a player-coach in Ireland’s National League for Sligo Allstars Basketball Club, LYIT Donegal, and the Galway Titans.

He has led and assisted youth boys and girls team development in each of the clubs (u9-u19). He also coached for Basketball Ireland U-14 Northwest Academy and U-17 Boys Northwest BIPPS regional team.

He is the owner of Be Different Be Great Basketball and is a player consultant for Van Pelt Sports Management.

Cullen Donovan is also a Certified Nutrition Coach from the National Sports Performance Association!

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