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Bridging Impact Podcast

Bridging Impact is a podcast passing wisdom to the next generation of youth sports athletes, coaches & parents. 

The Bridging Impact podcast is where we sit down with former athletes and coaches who have found success on and off the field. These inspiring individuals share their stories of how sports have shaped their lives and how they continue to utilize the lessons learned through athletics. 

From overcoming adversity to finding their passion, our guests offer valuable insights for coaches and parents to transform their athletes into leaders on and off the court.

Join us as we explore how sports can influence our journey to becoming great leaders.

Every week we post two episodes:
Wednesdays: Inspiring conversations with youth sports coaches, college coaches, former athletes, sports entrepreneurs & sports psychologists. 

Fridays: Coach Furtado shares his wisdom & insights from the week as a High School Basketball Coach and founder of Btg Basketball

Together we can transform the next generation of leaders through athletics.

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