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A Letter To Myself: Reflections on My First Year Coaching High School Basketball

As a first-year high school basketball coach, you have had your fair share of ups and downs. From the initial confusion about the schedule to the frustrations of holding players accountable, your journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions. However, through it all, you have learned some valuable lessons that will serve you well in the future.

One of the most significant takeaways from your experience is the importance of establishing clear expectations from the beginning. While you may have been too focused on building relationships with your players, you now understand the need to be firm and demanding of them. This approach will ensure that they give their best effort and remain focused during practices and games.

Another lesson learned is the need to demonstrate and teach the intangibles, such as great body language, communication on defense, and moving without the ball. By setting a theme for each practice and rewarding the desired behavior, you can create a positive team culture that promotes growth and development.

On the positive side, you have done an excellent job of teaching your players how to play connected as a team. The ability to move the ball and be unselfish was one of the strengths of your team, and it is something you hope to bring to the varsity level next year. You have also built relationships with players from all levels, earning their respect and credibility as a coach.

Finally, you have learned a lot about the game of basketball and have grown in confidence as a coach. You have had the privilege of working with experienced basketball minds who have taught you a great deal, and you are excited to continue your coaching journey and impact the lives of young people.

In conclusion, your first year of coaching high school basketball has been a valuable learning experience. From the importance of setting clear expectations to the need for demonstrating and teaching intangibles, you have gained insight into what it takes to be a successful coach. As you continue on your coaching journey, you will undoubtedly face new challenges, but with the lessons learned this year, you are well prepared to handle them.

Getting HS boys to all pay attention at once is impossible 😂

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