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Challenging Times Present the Best Opportunities to Journal

You know, the past year has been incredibly challenging, with the pandemic turning our world upside down. Along with climate change, one of the most significant social movements since the civil rights era, and toxic politics, it’s easy for the world to feel like it’s ending.

Now, the Delta variant knocking on our doors reminds us we aren’t entirely free from the pandemics shackles.

During times like these, it’s easy to fold our cards and believe there is no hope for a better future for the world or ourselves. Challenging times present the perfect opportunity to go within.

One of the best ways to go within is to journal. Whether writing morning intentions or reflecting at the end of your day, it’s an incredibly profound way to develop a better relationship with yourself.

Two Different Types of Journaling to Begin the Habit:

  1. Morning Intentions (Spend 5 minutes writing about intentions you have for your day; what energy are you bringing to the table? How can you remain resilient and focused during these difficult times? How can you make the world a little bit better place today?)

  1. Evening Reflections (Spend 5 minutes reflecting on the day. How did you show up today? What situations added anxiety into your life? Was there a problem today? Let it ll out and flow) Studies show journaling in the evening helps you sleep!

There are many other journaling styles, but these are the two I recommend for those wanting to establish it as a habit. I am linking an excellent article by one of my favorite authors below if you want to continue exploring the numerous journaling styles.

How to Make it a Habit:

  1. Do It At The Same Time Everyday

  2. Find an Accountability/Encouragement Partner to Keep You Updated

  3. Do It In The Same Location Everyday

  4. Have Fun With It! Make some tea or coffee, make it an enjoyable experience.

  5. Do It With Love and Curiosity! Journaling is an incredible tool to get to know ourselves better.

Again, journaling has had a profound impact on my life, especially in this past year, graduating in a pandemic, having my ideal job positions closed, and living alone during a time of social isolation.

Journaling was always there for me, and because of these difficult times, I’ve never had a better relationship with myself.

On Friday, I will be doing a workshop on how we can make journaling a habit.

If you want to go even further, we can partner together, and I will be your guide in your self-discovery journey, helping you establish a powerful journal habit. Email me at if you’re interested.

Happy Journaling!

Much love, Justin :)

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