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Discovering Ourselves by Serving Humanity

Our self-discovery begins within. Yet, one of the most potent tools to deepening our relationship with ourselves is to serve others. Before we go any further, let’s define serve.

Serve: A well-intentioned act of doing something for the sole purpose of another person or cause.

Discovering Myself by Serving a Cause Across Borders

A tremendous amount of my growth and development as a human has come from serving others. In 2017, I had the fortunate opportunity to travel to a rural village in Buikwe, Uganda, to serve on a responsible travel trip with InspireONE. I was blown away by the compassion and love on the journey from humans across the globe.

Dancing with kids, working on projects with the locals, and immersing ourselves in their daily lives for two weeks was powerful. I learned a whole new way of life and connected with people meaningfully regardless of the language barrier.

A year and a half later, the school we were hosted by was jeopardy of being sold. Our small team of leaders at InspireONE had a challenge ahead of us; raise $10,000 in a month to save the school from being sold.

Growth Comes From Unexpected Obstacles

We had a team meeting, and our inspiring leader Matt Cendejas reminded us this isn’t about us; it’s about serving the kids at the school. Our team worked relentlessly to raise money for the school for the next month, and with our backs against the wall with time winding down, we did it.

We raised the money.

Our fundraising experience forced me to get out of my comfort zone by posting daily on Facebook, making videos of me talking about the school to create a deeper connection, and managing a GoFundMe page.

I was forced way out of my comfort zone, but in return, I learned so much about myself and how much we can grow if we serve a bigger mission than ourselves.

How to Find Service Opportunities to Help You Grow

I recently moved to Los Angeles, so I’m actually in the same boat as you right now, finding an opportunity to serve the community down here.

To be honest, serving others doesn’t have to be volunteering either. It can be a mindset you adopt at work or with your family. It’s best when it’s serving the greater good and within your zone of passion.

First, ask yourself, what gives you energy? Is it connecting directly with people, or is it more the behind-the-scenes work?

Next, reflect on your story and past experiences. What do you feel incredibly grateful for? Or what has been a monumental challenge for you? Utilizing either of these two experiences will help guide you to serving a population-based on your experience.

For me, I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I had as a child, adolescent, and young adult that helped me develop into the human I am today. Therefore, I am dedicating this portion of my life to assisting young people in creating a better connection to build a life of their dreams driven by human impact.

Finally, once you’ve reflected on your past experiences and knowledge brings you energy, do some googling and connecting. Do you know someone in an organization you want to get involved with?

Start searching for opportunities that excite you and allows you to serve through your past experiences.

An Invitation to You

If you’d like to learn more about serving humanity shoot me an email at explore your impact on the world further

We can have a one-time sit-down conversation, or we can be partners in the process as I can be your Human Impact Catalyst helping you build a better connection with yourself to build a life driven by human impact.

Don’t be a stranger. :)

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