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Monday Mantra 8.23.21: Be Where Your Feet Are

Hello my reading friend,

Today is the first-ever Monday Mantra day, where I share my mantra for the week with you all.

This week, as you can see my mantra, is: Be Where Your Feet Are.

Before I dive into what that means for me, what does being where your feet are mean to you?

Our mind can easily distract us with a million thoughts ranging from what to do the next day to remembering a day in the past. It’s easy to live inside our minds instead of living in the present reality in front of us. As a recovering over-thinker, this can be incredibly difficult for me.

Through meditation, they often encourage us to recenter our attention to the breath. Well, that doesn’t always work for me. But, do you know what it does? Feeling my feet push into the ground or the bottom of my shoe. The body connection to the floor is often all I need to connect to the present moment.

Some days I need to feel my feet on the ground more than others, and some days I’m in the zone.

So the next time your mind starts wandering in every direction imaginable, I encourage you to practice feeling your feet where they are.

Often, we wish we are drinking a beer on a beach or doing anything but being in the present moment. Yet, the moment in front of us is the way and the only way. The more we can understand this concept, the more joy we will invite into our lives.

Be where your feet are. If we don’t relish in the present moment, time will pass us by, and the next thing our mind will be thinking about is all the past, present moments.

How will you be where your feet are this week?

With Love,


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