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Monday Mantra: Be A Light and Shining Armor

Have you ever dimmed with your light because you’re afraid of what other people may think of you when you’re shining bright? I most certainly have.

Starting today, I am done doing that. I have been worried about what other people think of me when I’m upbeat, energetic, and positive for too long. Maybe Ted Lasso is inspiring me, but maybe at my core, the universe is calling me to serve the world with jubilant energy.

It’s actually a disservice for me to show up and not shine my entire light on the world. I’m reframing this as selfish.

Really? I am so concerned about what others think of me; I refuse to be my own beautiful, energized self?

Being a Real-Life Super Hero

Think about it, if superman knew he had powers to save the city from evil villains but chose not to use them because of judgment from others surrounding him in his life, you’d be upset, right?

Now, none of us are superhumans, and none of us have the power to save an entire city. That is entirely too self-centered and ego-focused. The purpose, though, is to show you our responsibility to show up every day with the superpowers the universe has given us.

Each of us has our own unique strengths, stories, and passions that makeup who we are. Now, of course, these will change in different avenues of our lives, and who we serve will as well.

Think About Your Super Power

But for now, I was hoping you could think about the power you’ve been hiding within because you are too afraid of what others think of you. Think about the people who need you to show up as your most authentic and conscious version of yourself.

What would your everyday life look like if you never held back?

As always, have a fantastic Monday and a wonderful week.

Much love, Justin. :)

Email me at if you want to have a conversation about the powers you are holding back from the universe.

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