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Slowing Down Living Life More Profound

How often do we find ourselves daydreaming about the next thing on our to-do list? Or wish time would move faster because we are starting a new job, coming up on graduation, or some other significant life event.

We are always in a rush for the next thing. We sit at work thinking about the beaches we could be lying on, and then when we are at the beaches, we miss our work.

Next thing we know, a year has gone by, maybe two or five because we have been sleepwalking and always looking ahead.

I’ve been really intentional about slowing down because I was the person above, and to be honest still am sometimes. I can find myself at the gym planning my afternoon or laying in bed for the evening and planning the next day.

Or once this job at the Boys & Girls Club is over, I’ll have more free time to work on projects I’m passionate about.

While some of our thoughts may be true, and there is great merit to planning the next day, we need to take a hard look in the mirror. Go within, so to speak, and ask ourselves, are we fully living each day?

Imagine a day free of thinking about tomorrow or the past; what are the possibilities? What would your day FEEL like?

I want to invite you to start slowing down your life. It’s made a profound impact on my life and has given me great space to go within and keep my own relationship with myself.

Six Ideas for Slowing Down Your Life:

  • Schedule time in your day to do absolutely nothing (5 -15 min at first)

  • Journal all your thoughts in the morning and let it all go (5-15 min.)

  • Practice letting thoughts come and go (all day)

  • Do something you love daily, don’t wait for the weekends

  • Stop filling every second of your day with social media (yeah, that means when you are on the toilet)

  • Setting intentions before an activity. (Like during this workout, I will be focused and feel exhausted)

These are solely suggestions, and one’s I am practicing throughout the day. Take it or leave it; choose the ones that serve you and your lifestyle. Then ditch the rest.

Slowing down our lives helps us go within and develop deeper connections with ourselves. If we are constantly busy, constantly thinking about the next thing, we never fully connect with ourselves at the moment.

Our life is a culmination of present moments, don’t let them slip by.

Until next time my friends, Begin Within.

With Love,


Email me at if you're interested in coaching services or learning more about the Begin Within Project.

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