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Player and Parent Training Agreement with Bridging Impact Basketball


Step 1: Please read our terms and training agreement entirely to understand our Bridging Impact Basketball expectations. If you have any questions or concerns, text Coach Furtado at 707-497-9047 to schedule a phone call.


Step 2: Once you have reviewed this document, you simply agree to the terms by entering your full name on the checkout form where it asks “type name to agree to the terms” and click the “I agree to the terms and conditions” box to complete your order.  


*If you do not agree with our terms and player/parent expectations - we ask that you do NOT enroll into our program. Our terms are extremely clear and protect the integrity of our program. Our program is selective and certainly NOT for every family. We only want to work with families who truly buy into our culture at Bridging Impact Basketball.


1. Terms


This Agreement will begin on (the day you register) and continue for [3 months minimum]. 


If you choose to cancel after 3 months, I agree to provide Coach Furtado a 30 day written notice at to cancel any future recurring payment after the contract is complete. If you do not follow our terms, you will be automatically enrolled into the same agreement for the next 3, 6 or 12 months (no exceptions)


By registering for the program, you agree to the “terms and conditions” below, the player expectations and the parent expectations that clearly states the Bridging Impact Basketball refund, cancellation details and early termination policy.


2. Player Expectations

  • I agree to be a positive player who is coachable

  • I agree to bring my journal to EVERY session to document my progress

  • I agree to work hard in every session, I’m here to develop and reach my goals as a player

  • I agree to complete each homework tasks that Coach Furtado assigns me in a timely manner

  • I agree to be accountable to the Bridging Impact Basketball program and not make excuses

  • I agree to bring a full water-jug and my own basketball (and proper attire) to each session

  • I agree to work hard and achieve my personal goals that Coach Furtado and I set

  • I agree to be committed every week and dedicate time to work on my own away from our sessions

  • I agree to use the online training membership and additional resources and “at-home videos” that Coach Furtado provides for me 

  • I agree that I can communicate with Coach Furtado daily about my progress inside of the members area that I have unlimited access to (Daily Check-In)

  • I agree to fill out my monthly and quarterly reports (so I can track my progress as a player)

  • I agree to put in the work needed to become a better player. My results are my responsibility.

  • I agree to fill out my weekly “game evaluations” so Coach Furtado and I have a deep understanding of my performances throughout the season

  • I agree to be a positive player when I make mistakes at the sessions


3. Parent Expectations/Terms

  • Once we become a member, all communication is done through our app (that you receive access to once you enroll your child)

  • We have a very clear no refund policy. All sales are final once you enroll into our program.

  • If you (as a parent) have questions during the week, you can ask questions inside of our app 24/7 and will receive a response within 12 hours (Monday-Friday)

  • Coach Furtado doesn’t reply or respond to emails or text messages during the week. If you need to have a 1-on-1 call - you can schedule a 10 minute google meets call  with Coach Furtado through the app

  • If practice is canceled due to weather/COVID/illness/emergency, Coach Furtado will notify the PLAYERS and PARENTS through the app. The session will be moved to GOOGLE MEETS DURING SCHEDULED TRAINING TIME meaning we will still train regardless of the weather/covid situation. Practice updates/cancellations are only communicated through the app. We do not text/call/email during the week

  • I agree to bring my child to our scheduled weekly session 5-10 minutes early to warm up and stretch

  • I understand that if we are late to the session we will forfeit the time (all sessions last 60 minutes)

  • I agree with Coach Furtado Reschedule policy, meaning if you miss that session - we don’t offer a private 1-1 makeup session. If you submit a form the week of our session stating your child can’t make it to our assigned session - we WILL allow you to come train on an alternative day/time that week within our current schedule. If you do not submit the form within our members area - you will forfeit the session.

  • If Coach Furtado misses a session due to illness or an emergency he will provide a make up session.

  • I understand that my child has 24/7 access to Coach Furtado inside the members area to ask him any questions and receive daily mentorship throughout the week. 

  • As a parent, if I have questions, I understand that I can ask questions anytime through the app. That is our only method of communication. Again, we don’t text or email throughout the year - we communicate through our app OR you can set up a 1-on-1 google meets call with Coach Furtado through the app.

  • I understand that during the sessions, I will not pressure my child or yell from the sidelines. We train in a “non-pressured” environment

  • I understand that Coach Furtado will decide the “rain-out’s” or rescheduled sessions due to weather/covid. He will always check court conditions before the sessions and will communicate via the app if there is a cancellation. If the weather forces us to not train outside - we will move our session to GOOGLE MEETS at the scheduled time. We will always have our training session each week. The google meets session will be used if we aren’t able to meet in person. Your child is responsible for training on google meets on the days where weather becomes an issue. Inside the members area, they will have a link to access the google meets inside of our community. If they miss the session - the session will be recorded and they can train later that evening once the session is uploaded to the members area. It will be well communicated IF we don’t have an in-person training session. The PLAYER and YOU (the parent will receive a notification via email that day BEFORE the session stating the cancellation)

  • I understand how to communicate with Coach Furtado (and set up a 10 minute scheduled call if and when there are conflicts/vacations in advance) so we can better prepare for our sessions.

  • I understand that if we are “out of town” or “on holidays” that we are still a member of the program. Please communicate with Coach Furtado when you are going out of town so we can plan accordingly. 

  • If you are out of town for over two months, you may have the option of pausing your membership until you return.

  • If you can’t make it to a session that week - we do allow players to come to the following week and train for TWO hours or an additional session if and only if you (as a parent) complete a form inside of our members area stating you can’t make it that week 48 hours BEFORE the session.

  • I understand that every 90 days Coach Furtado will be gone for 1 week (and your child will complete the quarterly progress reports on the “off weeks”) This is included with our program.

  • Dates Coach Furtado departs on the following dates: (March 31 - April 2, June 23-25) 

  • I understand that we will complete either 12, 24 OR 48-52 sessions within the 3-6-12 month agreement Plus 2- 4 quarterly reports (these are done when Coach Furtado is gone during the 4 weeks out of the year)

  • Missed sessions do NOT roll over into the following year/term for any reason. 

  • I understand that Coach Furtado billing process is an automatic electronic funds transfer (if you choose the split payment option meaning that half of the funds are collected on the first payment and the second half are collected 30 days later)

  • I understand that if I have a “failed credit/debit card payment” I will need to register with a new credit or debit card within 12 hours of the failed payment. Sessions will pause until the payment is collected.

  • We offer three options for payment. 1) Pay in full at a Discount or 2) Split Payment (2 payments) or we do offer monthly payments. All sales are final. If you enroll and don’t use the sessions - there are no make-up sessions for missed sessions. 

  • We offer a THREE, SIX and TWELVE month plan. If you want to CANCEL your membership, please notify us 30 days BEFORE the end of our agreement. By doing so, we will cancel the account. If not, you are auto-renewed into the next training term automatically. You can notify us in writing at at least 30 days before our final session and we will turn off the membership.

  • I understand that Bridging Impact Basketball, Coach Furtado and any assistant coach for Bridging Impact Basketball is not liable for any injuries. 


Our Terms and Conditions apply to any training program offered by Bridging Impact Basketball. By scheduling any session, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of our company:


“I, the undersigned, do hereby grant permission to Coach Furtado and Bridging Impact to post my and/ or my child’s story, photo, videos, hereinafter referred to as “Materials,” taken by the Bridging Impact team during sessions or that I submit to and for the Bridging Impact website, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

I hereby release you, your representative, employees, managers, members, officers, parent companies, subsidiaries, and directors, from all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with any use of said “Materials”, including, without limitation, all claims for invasion of privacy, infringement of my right of publicity, defamation and any other personal and/or property rights”.


I have enrolled in the personalized health and fitness program offered through Bridging Impact Basketball.

I recognize that the program may involve strenuous physical activity including, but not limited to, muscle strength and endurance training, cardiovascular conditioning and training, and other various fitness activities.

I hereby affirm that my child is in good physical condition and does not suffer from any known disability or condition which would prevent or limit my participation in this exercise program. I acknowledge my enrollment and participation in Bridging Impact Basketball training.

“I fully understand that my child may injure myself as a result of my enrollment and participation in this program and I hereby Release and Forever Discharge Bridging Impact Basketball and its agents, employees, representatives, affiliates, successors, or assigns, from any and all liability now or in the future for any conditions, injuries, sickness, losses, expenses or damages that I may obtain or incur. These conditions may include, but are not limited to, heart attacks, muscle strains, muscle pulls, muscle tears, broken bones, shin splints, heat prostration, injuries to knees, injuries to back, injuries to foot, or any other soreness that I may incur, including death.”


If injury occurs and a player is unable to participate in the training sessions, the recurring payments will continue until the last day of the Training Agreement. Make-up sessions will be offered once the player is fully healed.



We have a zero-tolerance missed session policy. If you miss a session without notice, you will forfeit the session. We respectfully request at least 48 hours advance notice for all rescheduling/cancellations.


If the courts are too wet or if there is significant rain during the morning or evening of our scheduled session, the session may be rescheduled upon the Bridging Impact Basketball staff decision. The Bridging Impact Basketball staff will check to ensure the court is safe before every session. If the court is playable, we will resume the session. Parents do not determine if the session is canceled. If a parent decides not to attend a session that has been deemed “playable”, then that session will count as a cancellation of less than 48 hours and will not be eligible for makeup.


By signing to our Regular Training Agreement, you agree with the contract that you can commit to the entire training period. You have the option of paying in full or paying monthly with our automated system that charges your credit/ debit card every 30 days. If your credit card fails, our system will prompt you to replace your card within a 24-hour period. If a new card is not registered within 48, there will be a late payment fee of $100.


Due to the demand for our programs, we do not offer refunds for ANY case for any program, including private training, small group training, camps, clinics or any program that is added to our Training Page.

Once a player reserves a training spot, we hold the spot for the player for the specific program.



If you would like to STOP training after our contract is complete, simply email us at to let Coach Furtado know that you will be discontinuing in the program. This email must be sent 30 days before the end of the agreement. If you do not communicate with Coach Furtado by the Notice Date, you agree to continue in the program beyond the Agreement (meaning we hold your spot in the program) and the Agreement will auto renew for at least 3 months.

By becoming a customer of Bridging Impact Basketball I agree to the terms on this website. I have signed a contract stating that I have reviewed this page in depth and agree to the Bridging Impact Basketball Terms and Conditions.

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